Burns and Fuller Rebrand
Burns and Fuller is a partnership with Adelaide Hills and Langhorne Creek wine growers made by Jim Zerella. Founded as recently as 2015, the company are young and adventurous.
Their aim is to create wines outside of considerations of fashion or style. The biggest difference to many other winemakers in the respective regions, they believe that the two varieties can be drunk together. Simply high quality and authentically flavoured wines that work both on their own and together as a pairing.
The company are looking to move their brand from a popular premium wine maker to a top end ultra-premium wine producer. Their current bottle and label reflect the latter and their current popular premium model. Simple, typographic and easy to produce. Their new vision is something far from that.
The concept for this particular series of wine labels looks at duality, and the concept of good versus evil. This works nicely with the idea of pairing white wine and red wine, as the colours work well when it comes to looking at good (white) and evil (red).
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